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What is the international dialling code for Sri Lanka?
What should visitors travelling with electronic devices consider?
What immigration and departure regulations apply for tourists?
When is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka, which items of clothing should I pack?
What are the locals likely to ask you the first time you meet them?

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On the following pages we have compiled some useful information for travellers under general info, including information about summer and winter time, facts about the currency, tips on the customary opening hours of the banks and suggestions on how to save electricity in Sri Lanka.

The section travel info provides travellers with useful information about the immigration and departure formalities - for instance, why you have to fill in an immigration card prior to your arrival.

The current weather and the best time to visit Sri Lanka can be found in weather/traveltimes.

The sub-section money/phone calls tells you about Traveller's Cheques and credit cards, as well as providing information about using telephones and the internet (e.g., how travellers can make cheap calls to Europe with a mobile phone or how guests at the "Ranmal Beach Hotel" can get on the internet with the hotel's free Wi-Fi).

A shopping street in Galle

Only if you stay healthy can you enjoy your holiday on Sri Lanka: the section on health provides vital information for your trip, including advice on drinking water, sunburn and malaria prophylaxis.

The list of the public holidays in Sri Lanka is long, which is why this section tells travellers that public holidays that fall on a Sunday are celebrated on the following weekday in Sri Lanka.

The sub-item BBB stands for beggars, beach boys and bad guys and it provides some useful tips on how you can protect yourself against thieves and typical tricks. We want to make sure that you do not experience what a tourist once put so aptly: "Nowhere in the world will you be cheated as charmingly as in Sri Lanka."