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Trincomalee bay

Although it was possible to visit Trincomalee, also called Trinco, during the civil war, the number of tourists has risen perceptibly since the end of the war.

The fort, one of the city's attractions, is used as an army camp and only parts of it are open to the public.

Komeswaram Kovil

Walk through the fort to reach Trinco’s second place of interest: the "Komeswaram Kovil". This temple was also destroyed by the Portuguese and rebuilt by the British.

Apart from Komeswaram Kovil there are a number of other attractive Hindu temples in Trinco.

Sunrise near Nilaveli

12 km to the north of Trincomalee is the town of Nilaveli with its wide, almost white beaches and "Pigeon Island", a small island just off the coast named after the blue pigeons that breed there.

On the beach the locals offer snorkelling and diving trips to this picturesque island for a few hundred rupees.

Nilaveli beach

Nilaveli's beaches offer ideal bathing conditions during the south-westerly monsoon, which lasts from May to October and makes it impossible to bathe on the west and south coast.

The water is so shallow here that you may find yourself having to wade 50 metres out before it gets too deep to stand.

City map of Trincomalee

City map of Trincomalee

Map of the Fort Frederick

Map of the Fort Frederick