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Nuwara Eliya

Hills in the highlands

For photography enthusiasts a trip through the highlands of Sri Lanka is a must.

The landscape offers perpetually new vistas, waterfalls in all variations, tea plantations which look like turf from the distance, ...

Tea plantations in the highlands

Part of your trip through the highlands should be done by train. If you are doing a round trip, the route from Ella to Nanu Oya is warmly recommended.

Don't miss out on a guided tour around a tea factory.

Market in Nuwara Eliya

At 2,070 metres above sea level, Nuwara eliya - referred to by Sri Lankans as Noorelia or Nooarelia - is the highest town in Sri Lanka.

Previously an unimportant village, 200 years ago the town became a key location under British rule as the colonialists preferred the almost central European climate to the heat of the coast. Hence, Nuwara eliya consists almost exclusively of British colonial buildings.

The town also boasts a golf course and a horse race track, amenities that the Brits could simply not exist without.

City Map of Nuwara Eliya

City Map of  Nuwara Eliya