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Tissamaharama and Kataragama

Dagoba in Tissamaharama

Tissamaharama was the capital of the kingdom of Ruhuna, which was always fairly independent of the potentates in the north. The town served the kings of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa as a retreat if danger threatened.

In the middle ages, Tissamaharama lost its significance and its unique drainage system deteriorated. Only in the middle of the 20th century, after the restoration of the reservoir and the ditches, did it once again become an important own.

The Dagoba dates back to the 2nd century BC. Other excavations in Tissamaharama have only just started.

Pelicans in the Yala Park

From Tissa you can take a safari through the Yala National Park. The 1,100 square kilometre park was established in 1938.

With luck you may see all of the animals species that Sri Lanka has to offer. The best time for a safari is the early morning.

Worshipers in Kataragama

From Tissa you can reach Kataragama, the most sacred place of worship for Hindus in Sri Lanka. The Hindu deity worshiped here is the god of war, Skanda, also referred to as the "Kataragama God".

For Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Veddas - the natives of Sri Lanka - this place is also very important.

All four religions of the world represented in four temples in the spacious grounds; in addition to the Hindu temples, the area houses a Buddhist dagoba, a mosque and a small church.

Temple in Kataragama

A large festival is celebrated here which takes place at the same time as "Esala Perahera" in Kandy.

It is, of course, well worth visiting at any other time, too.

City Map of Tissamaharama

City Map of Tissamaharama

City Map of Kataragama

City Map of Kataragama