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Kandy lake and Temple of the Toth Relic

The city of Kandy, which also has a university, has approx. 130,000 inhabitants, making it the second biggest city of Sri Lanka.

Its history goes back on the European colonialists: the previous city of the kings, Kotte, which was close to Colombo, had to be abandoned and the kings retreated to the highlands. Three hundred years later the city was betrayed and fell into the hands of the British.

Temple of the Toth Relic

The main sightseeing attraction in Kandy is the "Temple of the Tooth Relic", which contains a shrine in which a tooth of Lord Buddha is preserved.

Every year in July/August at full moon, celebrations are held to honour Buddha during which the Tooth Relic is carried through the city in a marvellous procession of elephants, the "Esala Perahera".

Performance of the Kandy Dancer

While the performances of the Kandy dancers are staged purely for tourists, they are still well worth going to see. The dances are authentic and play an important role in a variety of religious ceremonies.

Ficus Benjamina, botanical garden at Peradenia

Also well worth visiting is the 60-hectare botanical garden at Peradenia, a suburb of Kandy, where more than 4000 different plants can be admired.

Road map of Kandy

Road map of Kandy