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Adams Peek / Sri Pada

2243m high Adams Peek

Adam's Peak or Sri Pada is the fifth highest mountain (2243m) in Sri Lanka and the island's most holy mountain.

On its levelled crest you will find a dimple which is similar in appearance to an oversized footprint.

For Buddhists this is a footprint of Lord Buddha, imprinted there during one of his three visits to Sri Lanka. For Hindus it is a footprint of Shiva or Vishnu, while Christians and Muslims see it as Adam's footprint, who wept here for 1000 years after he was expelled from Paradise.

More than 4000 steps - the way to the peak

If you want to ascend Sri Pada, you need to do it by night. Most Europeans will find climbing up during the heat of the day unbearable.

The ascent will take you 3 1/2 hours if you start from Dalhouse; the route from Ratnapura is not as steep, but it takes 5 1/2 hours. Regardless of where you start from, you will need warm clothes and a wind-proof jacket as temperatures at the peak are less than 10 degrees Celsius and it is always very windy.

Adams Peek: Sunrise

A generous reward awaits those who make it up to the top: a magnificent sunrise and a unique natural phenomenon: Sri Pada's shadow forms a perfectly even triangle.

Vicinity of the Sri Pada

Vicinity of the Sri Pada