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standard rooms

two AC rooms and six non AC rooms

The rooms located on the ground floor have been completely rebuilt and refurnished. Each of these rooms has a tiled floor, air conditioning and two single beds, which can be moved as required.

Interior of the standard AC rooms

A solid wood wardrobe and mirror recess in the living area creates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. The separate ensuite bathroom has a shower, mirror cupboard and basin. Each room has a small terrace furnished with comfortable chairs - the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Ausstattung der Standard-Zimmer

After the tsunami we rebuilt the rooms on the ground floor and improved standards. Together with three rooms on the first floor, these rooms are the non AC standard rooms.

Each room has two single beds, a recessed wardrobe, a recessed desk with a chair, a large dressing table with a mirror and drawers. Each room has its own tiled ensuite bathroom with a shower, basin and shelf.

The balconies or terraces are furnished with comfortable chairs. These simple, welcoming rooms are perfect for budget travellers who do not want to compromise on comfort.