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Our Beach Restaurant

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast in our beach restaurant while enjoying the spectacular view of the ocean and the colourful beach scene.

Late riser? Don’t worry about missing breakfast: unlike the tourist hotels, we’ll serve you breakfast at three o'clock in the afternoon if you want.

The restaurant is on the ground floor and has space for 60 guests.

Our Beach Restaurant

We offer an extensive range of typical Sri Lankan food, including the famous "Rice and Curry", and we also serve a wide selection of western dishes.

With its immediate beach-front location, the restaurant is a great place for fresh fish and seafood, both delivered fresh daily by local fishermen.

Here a small selection from our extensive menu:

Western Breakfast

Toast, butter, jam, two eggs any style, tea or coffee, fruit juice or fruit

700 Rs

Sri Lankan Breakfast

String hoppers, sambol, egg-curry, tea or coffee, fruit juice or fruit

800 Rs

Full Fish

Different varieties according to season, served with rice or French fries and vegetables

from 1200 Rs


Served with rice or French fries, a selection of sauces and salads of your choice, e.g. garlic or curry sauce and mixed salad

from 1000 Rs

Lobster, 2 to 3 persons

Approx. 1000 g, served with rice or French fries, a selection of vegetables and salads

100 g:  1200 Rs

Fresh fruit juices and milk shakes

from 250 Rs

Various local and imported beers

from 350 Rs