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Stilt fisher near Weligama

Weligama, 43 km from Hikkaduwa, is famous for its stilt fishers. These are fishermen who are unable to go out to the sea anymore and who instead fish from stilts near the beach.

By now, the stilt fishers have realized that they can earn much more money by charging tourists to take their photos than they could from fishing.

Taprobana Island near Weligama

Just before you enter the village, you will find an impressive 4 m-high statue cut out from the rock.

"Taprobana Island", which is situated near the beach, is a picturesque sight. It was purchased approx. 120 years ago by the Compte de Nouny for 200 Rupees. Ask if you can visit the island and the villa.

Weligama bay

There is a train service to Weligama. However, it is more convenient to hire a taxi, because there are several places worth a short break along the route.

City Map of Weligama

City Map of Weligama