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Fishing boats in the Galle harbour

Galle is 18 km distance from Hikkaduwa.

The bay of Galle is a natural harbour which was first used by Arab traders. Later, the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British occupied Galle. All these colonists, but especially the Dutch, who built up the fort to its present size, changed the city to suit their own designs.

Fruit stall, Galle market

Under the Portuguese and the Dutch, Galle - which is the fifth biggest city in Sri Lanka - was the most important port in Ceylon; only when the British started expanding the port of Colombo, did Galle's significance start declining.

However, the opening of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Kogalla has boosted the importance of Galle as a port over the past twenty years.

Lighthouse, Galle Fort

Conclude your stroll through the fort with a refreshment at the "Amangalla Hotel", the former "New Oriental Hotel", an original British colonial hotel.

You can reach Galle by train; the express train takes approximately 30 minutes, the slow train 45 minutes.

A convenient way of travelling is to hire a taxi or tuc tuc. The driver will give you also a sightseeing tour round the city and will be able to point out many fascinating hidden things.

Map of the Galle Fort

Map of the Galle Fort

Map of the Galle Fort

Map of the Galle Fort