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Dodanduwa beach

Dodanduwa, a small fishing village, is situated 2 km to the south of the Ranmal Beach Hotel.

This is where the river "Ratgama Ganga" runs into the sea. On the shore you’ll find countless little boats which offer river safaris. These tours take approx. 2 1/2 hours and you can also visit the Buddhist monastery on the isle of Polgasduwa.

By the way: the monastery was founded in 1911 by the German Buddhist monk Walter Gueth from Wiesbaden.

The Dodanduwa Lagoon

Dodanduwa is a comfortable 30 – 40 minute walk along the beach from the Ranmal Beach Hotel.

Alternatively, you can take a tuc tuc.

City Map of Dodanduwa

City Map of Dodanduwa